Every fan has his own favourite song on an album. But which one do the fans like the most? To answer that question we’ve create a poll where you can vote for your least favourite song on the album. The song with the most votes will be eliminated for the next round. Eventually we’ll get the song which is liked the most. Which song will win the Riot and will be King of the Rooftop?

“The songs are battling on a rooftop. They all say they’re the most liked one. A riot appears. Vote your cast now to see which song will win the riot!”

All RooftopRiot Winners


Round #01: Centuries (38%)

Round #02: American Beauty/American Psycho (38%)

Round #03: Favorite Record (33%)

Round #04: Immortals (37%)

Round #05: Twin Skeleton’s (33%)

Round #06: Uma Thurman (33%)

Round #07: Irresistible (31%)

Round #08: Jet Pack Blues (46%)

Round #09: Fourth of July (46%)

RooftopRiot Fall Out Boy American Beauty-American Psycho Round #10

Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho / Round #10 / Final

Fourth of July is out with 46% of the votes. You can see the results here. We now continue with the final round. Watch out: the voting system will stay the same. Vote now for your LEAST FAVOURITE song. The song with the MOST votes will LOSE.

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