10 Christmas Rock Songs

Christmas is just around the corner and to come in the Christmas mood we’ve created a list with ten Christmas rock songs. Enjoy!

1. Living In Fiction – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Living In Fiction is quite a small band, but last year they wrote this awesome Christmas song.


2. Being As An Ocean – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Being As An Ocean proves that Christmas songs with scream vocals are still beautiful.


3. Sixx:A.M. – X-Mas in Hell

Based on his own story, Nikki Sixx proves that Christmas isn’t always fun, especially when you’re a drug addict.


4. All Time Low – Fool’s Holiday

Sometimes you just need some happy poppunk during Christmas. All Time Low delivers.


5. Linkin Park – My December

A less happier song from Linkin Park in which you can truly feel the emotions.


6. Yellowcard – Christmas Lights

Get in the real Christmas mood with this beautiful song from Yellowcard.


7. Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas

A real Christmas classic.


8. Rise Against – Making Christmas

A punkrock Christmas cover from Rise Against.


9. System of a Down – A Christmas Carol

A very short but typical System of a Down song about Christmas.


10. Crown The Empire – There Will Be No Christmas

We end the list with this beautiful Christmas song from Crown The Empire.


If these ten songs aren’t enough to bring you in the Christmas mood, then here are a few more.


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