Confession of a Secret Passion #01

Admit it: we all have that one band we listen to, that one song we sing along with just a bit too loud, and that one playlist that we really like, that no one can EVER find out.

Do you like to nail the lyrics of an Akon song? Do you secretly reallllly love Justin Bieber? It’s okay, you are not the only one. Everyone has their secret music passions.

This week in Confession of a Secret Passion, I will expose all of the songs and bands I listen to, but only if I am one hundred percent sure no one is around. Music of which I am ashamed it is in my playlist. But hey, don’t judge!

One Direction
This is by far the most embarrassing moment in my music life. One Direction is lame, they are gay and they can’t even play their own instruments. A standard Directioner is like 15 years old, has a pink room with posters of Demi Lovato and is, ehm, how should I put this… ANNOYING AS HELL.

But, I have to admit. Their songs are catchy, happy and they will just boost my mood when I listen to them. There is this one song that was on the radio for a long time ‘Kiss You’. It makes me smile like a moron instantly. When I hear the first beats, I turn up the volume and I act like a fool.

There was this one time. I sat in the car with a friend of mine, and my music was playing. We were just enjoying a cigarette, when I suddenly hear ‘Na Na Na’ coming out of my speakers. I almost died. And my friend did too, I think he shoved the whole cigarette in his mouth. After he was able to breathe like a normal person again, he started laughing. And he never stopped. Ever.

Zsa zsa su, Urban, Reggaeton, what is it even called?
Shake your booty, grab a drink, ass, tits, drunk, love. These are like most of the lyrics of like most of the songs. There’s no such thing as “deeper meaning” in this kind of music. It’s just music you listen to because you have to. Well. Had to. I have this great group of friends that I go to parties with. Unfortunately for us rock lovers, there are not exactly a lot of parties where the DJ plays Three Days Grace or Avenged Sevenfold. So I usually end up at a party where the booty nigga music is playing. At first, I hated it. Music was the devil at those parties. But now, I love it. The meaning doesn’t come from the lyrics, obviously, but the beat and rhythm are soooo nice. It makes you want to dance instantly.

I think this secret passion is one, where you start to like something because you do not have an other choice. Because you are like obligated to listen to it, whenever you are with those friends. And then, in desperate times, our desperate heads think: maybe we should start appreciating the things we can’t change. And that happened.

So whenever I feel like dancing, when I’m cleaning my room, when I’m on my way to a party; time for my secret playlist. SHAKE THAT BOOTEHHH.

So. That’s that. I actually feel kinda relieved that I was able to expose my secret music confessions. Next time, someone else will be questioned. Be prepared!

Do you also have to make a confession of a secret music passion? Leave your comments behind!

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