RooftopRiot: Papa Roach – F.E.A.R. / Results

The first RooftopRiot has come to an end and the results are in! Face Everything and Rise got 74% of the votes in the final round, so that means that Falling Apart surprisingly takes the victory! You can see the results here.

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The results are as followed. Note: When we talk about a second place in a round, it actually means that the song almost got eliminated. So it had the second most votes.

12. Gravity

Gravity got eliminated in the first round, which was no surprise. This song is a “love it or hate it” song and apparently the “haters” made sure it went out immediately. Who got second this round? Exactly, Falling Apart, the song which eventually would win the tournament.

11. Love Me till It Hurts

It was a close battle between Love Me till It Hurts, Never Have To Say Goodbye and Fear Hate Love in the second round. The difference was one vote, which meant the end of Love Me till It Hurts in the tournament.

10. Never Have To Say Goodbye

Never Have To Say Goodbye already finished second last round, so it was no surprise that this song found its exit in the third round. Although Devil got second this round, it took a while before it was eliminated.

9. War over Me

A clear “victory” with almost half of the votes. Second got Skeletons and Broken as Me.

8. Skeletons

After a second place last round it was no surprise that Skeletons got eliminated. Falling Apart took another second place in this round.

7. Fear Hate Love

Fear Hate Love already took a second place in the second round, but it took until now before it was eliminated.

6. Devil

Devil received exactly 1/3 of the votes this round, which meant its exit.

5. Hope for the Hopeless

A big surprise. Until now Hope for the Hopeless only received four votes, but in the eighth round it got eliminated with 63% of the votes. We didn’t expect that.

4. Broken as Me

It was a close battle between Warriors and Broken as Me, but in the end it was Broken as Me who got one vote more than Warriors and was out of the tournament. This actually already gave a preview of how the final would be.

3. Warriors

It was no surprise that after Warriors almost went out in the ninth round, it actually got eliminated in the tenth round. Which meant the final went between Face Everything and Rise and Falling Apart.

2. Face Everything and Rise

Another surprise. Until this round Face Everything and Rise only got five votes, one less than Falling Apart. But actually you like Falling Apart more than Face Everything and Rise.

1. Falling Apart

In our eyes a surprising winner. We didn’t expect this, but it’s true: Falling Apart is your favourite song of F.E.A.R..

The Winner



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