Interview – Satellites: “Nervous and Excited”

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In two days the new Scottish band Satellites will release their debut music video for their first single “Soldier”. The rockers from Edinburgh are nervous and excited to see the reaction from fans. “It’s just going to feel good to have music out there again. There’s no feeling like that release day feeling.”

Even though the name of the band doesn’t sound very special, there’s a story behind it. It namely embodies the various experiences the band members have had the past years. We all go through tough situations out of our control. We’re satellites.

To get known the band better we’ve done an interview with them about the band, their upcoming release and their future. Why people should start listening to Satellites? “I think we have pretty good songs! I remember when that was all that really mattered.”


About Satellites

As already said, the band members have played in other bands before. “Myself (Dan) and Rob founded our previous band A Day Overdue which Lee and Mike were also a part of at different times. It’s been a few years since ADO ended and we’ve still got the bug to play shows and write together, so let’s see where that takes us.”

Which bands influence your music?

“That’s probably an easier question for a listener to answer. When I’m writing music for the band I think I kind of have my own sound. I’ve been writing this type of stuff for a long time now. I’d say there’s definitely more emphasis on lead guitar parts than some other bands in our genre which probably stems from my love of Guns N’ Roses and other 80’s rock bands.”

What is your favourite kind of music to listen to?

“It varies but usually some form of pop-punk. At the moment I’m really enjoying PVRIS, the new Young Guns record and Alex Goot – I’m a sucker for a great cover and that guy knows his stuff.”

About the upcoming release

The band members aren’t sure what to expect from the reactions on the release. It’s been three-and-a-half year since Dan and Rob have released anything as songwriters. And, of course, it’s the first release from the band. The members are hoping that some fans from their former bands have moved with them and hope to pick up some new listeners as well. “We’re nervous and excited to see the reaction. It’s just going to feel good to have music out there again. There’s no feeling like that release day feeling.”

Although the band understands why some bands use songwriters, they really want to write the music by themselves, because it’s important. “You shouldn’t get recognition off someone else’s talent.” When you grow as a band, co-writing with artists of different style can help you improving even more. “It can really develop your sound.”

Saturday the bands first single, Soldier, will be released. The song is a wedding present for a friend of Rob who serves in the British Army. Although most of their songs are about girls, they really wanted to write about different subjects as in their genre. “Although I guess the song still is about a girl, we really wanted to get the military theme in there.”

What’s the story behind the music video?

“We set up our gear on top of a dormant volcano in Edinburgh at 4am and went for it! It was a tiring morning but the results speak for themselves. It’s a stunning location. For the story segments, we wanted to portray how difficult it is for soldiers to be away from their significant others for so long, and hopefully that comes across.”

Take a listen to the teaser from “Soldier”, which will be released Saturday July 4th.

About the future

When you’re looking forward to their album release you will need to have some patience. After this release they’ll do another music video, which they want to release in September. And after that they’ll focus on finishing the album, which will hopefully be there before the end of the year. “We’ll see how things go. We’re not rushing anything.”

What can we expect from your first album?

“There’s a fairly eclectic mix of styles on there. We’ve experimented a lot with electronic elements and different guitar sounds. It has been a lot of fun so far. The beauty of recording the bulk of it in a home studio is the amount of time we have to play around and get things just right.”

Of course Satellites will be on tour in the future. “But we can’t say any more than that at the moment. Keep your eyes peeled! If anyone reading this wanted to help us arrange a show or two we wouldn’t be against it!”

What do you hope to achieve one year from now?

“Our album will be out and we’ll probably be halfway through writing the next one. We would hope to have completed a couple of tours and seen our fan base grow. But the sky is the limit. We plan on doing a lot with this band.”

And a final question: Is there anything funny we really need to know about your band?

“The funniest thing about or band is definitely our faces. Nonstop entertainment! Thanks guys.”


We want to thank Satellites for this interview and we wish them the best of luck with their release and album!

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