Band Introduction: Solence


Written by: Justin

Today Solence released their first single. The Swedish band, formed in 2012, has made an interesting way before they released it.

It’s not an unknown trail to start with making covers from other bands before producing your own music. Solence did this as well, but they actually were very successful at it. They released their first cover, Warriors from Imagine Dragons, on September 23rd last year. The amount of views incredibly grew and it now has passed the half a million views. Many people who listened it were surprised and they replied to like “I normally don’t listen to metal, but I really like this”. Apparently Solence is doing a very good job.

A month later, on October 26th, they released a second cover; Immortals from Fall Out Boy. This song is close to the 150.000 views. It’s not close to the amount of views which Warriors had, but that’s not strange for a second cover.

For the third cover they took a bit more time. They released Miracles from Coldplay on December 22nd. This is, compared to the other two covers, a different one. The song has a calmer rhythm and a different set-up. The music is calmer as well. At the moment it has passed the 20.000 views.

After that we didn’t hear a lot of them, until they announced in February that they were busy creating their own music. It was very interesting how it would sound after three very successful covers.

Last week they released a teaser which already had a very good sound. And finally they released it, today: Pump More Life. This is the real sound of Solence. Their description on their own site is perfect. They create “a modern, young and attractive sound, highlighting epic choruses, powerful melodies and tight grooves”. And apparently it’s a very successful formula.

And to be honest, they perfectly chose the three songs to cover, because all the songs have “epic choruses and powerful melodies”. The strategy to their first self-created song was perfect. First they spread their name to gain fans, and now they start releasing their own songs. Although the covers were quite good, it’s always more pleasant to hear their own created music. And with Pump More Life they’ve made a great start.


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