Forgotten Treasure: Oleander – I Walk Alone


Written by: JustinI Walk Alone - Quote 1

The Forgotten Treasure is a new section on our website. The honour of the first Forgotten Treasure goes to I Walk Alone, released by Oleander in 1999.

Oleander is a post-grunge band, which was formed in 1995. In 1999 they released their second studio album, February Son. I Walk Alone is the fifth song on this album.

The song has a equanimous start with the  calm vocals from Thomas Flowers. Though the lyrics are quite explicit. It sounds a bit like a radical teenager, but then the other way round. It’s more about someone who isn’t sure about himself, but that he’ll take his revenge in the future.

After a calm start the song becomes more and more lively, with the refrain as an absolute highlight. The song has a great composition with slow and calm parts which are greatly diverged with lively parts. The great guitars and drums combined with Flowers’ vocals give the refrain a lively character.

I Walk Alone - Quote 2Coming to an end, the song stays energetic till the last tone, where the guitar brings it to an end. This song has much variation and it’s great rock from the late nineties.


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