A New Vision

Written by: Justin

The last few weeks I’ve been searching a lot to find new, unknown bands. And, as you already know, I’ve found many bands who create great music. Unfortunately, due to high competition, many of them don’t get the appreciation they deserve. It made me think about it, because in my opinion talented bands need to get the chance to get more fans. Therefore I suggested to Daniël and Timothy, the other founders of this blog, to change our direction and help those talented bands.

I got the idea after I found the band Evanstar. It’s one of the few bands which I immediately liked. But when I saw that most of their videos only had around 200 views, it made me feel a bit sad. This band deserves much more appreciation, but it’s not very easy to find them. That’s why I thought that our blog would be a good medium to help bands like Evanstar.

Maybe an even better example is the band Ship Captain Crew. Most of their videos don’t even reach the 100 views. Both music and lyrics from Evanstar as well as Ship Captain Crew are just very good, so they should get a serious chance.

Both Daniël and Timothy liked the plan, but it requires much more work than before. Therefore we asked some friends to help. They liked it as well and agreed, so you’ll see some new writers here. I’m very enthusiastic about the whole plan. I hope we can grow as a site and that we can help unknown bands grow. We’ll see what the future will bring, but it would be awesome if we achieve these goals.


Founder of Our Music 4 Life. Pure love for music. Always searching for new, unknown, talented bands. Diehard Rise Against fan. Terrible singer but loves to do it. CD collector. PS: Rise Against is better than Linkin Park.

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