Administrator Interview January 2015 – Timothy

Our second interview is with Timothy. He started our new initiative Classics & Covers, where we compare original songs and a cover of it. “I think it’s a nice addition and now we have more variation in our post. I hope people that people will like it and the views will increase.”

My song of the month: Papa Roach –  Warriors

Papa Roach – F.E.A.R.

  • What do you think about the new album of Papa Roach?
    • It’s a very good album in my opinion. All songs sound very good and a few are really awesome, like Warriors and Hope for the Hopeless.
  • What is your favourite song of the album?
    • That’s a tough one to answer, but my choice would be Warriors.
  • What is your least favourite song of the album?
    • This question is very difficult to answer, because all songs sound very good and none of them is less than the others. But if I have to chose, I’d say Skeletons.
  • What do you think about the fact that Papa Roach used much electronic rock in their new album?
    • I think it’s a good addition and a nice change in their music style. It’s important that the songs doesn’t sound the same every time so a change of style is okay. Their new style really fit them.


Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho

  • What do you think about the new album of Fall Out Boy?
    • The album isn’t really my favourite style, but I really like some of the songs on it. On the album there’s a line with songs which are very nice and songs who crosses the line and are annoying. A few songs sound a bit annoying, but most of the songs don’t cross that line and these sound pretty good. I really like that.
  • What is your favourite song of the album?
    • I don’t really have a favourite song because I haven’t listen it many times, but if I have to chose I’d say Centuries. The only part I don’t really like of that song is the originality, because some parts of it come from other songs.
  • What is your least favourite song of the album?
    • I haven’t heard the album enough times to give this question a good answer.
  • What do you think about the song American Beauty/American Psycho, which is the title of the album as well?
    • This is one of the songs which I don’t really like. Most of the songs on the album are better. This song is one of the few songs which I really find annoying, so maybe this is my least favourite song of the album.


New released songs

  • What do you think about Apocalyptic which is released by Halestorm?
    • I think it’s not the best song from Halestorm, but it’s for sure a good one. It gives me some expectations from their new album. I hope they can increase the level of the songs, then it’ll be an awesome album.
  • What do you think about Something’s Gotta Give which is released by All Time Low?
    • All Time Low has never been my taste of music and this song is a bit boring, although I have heard some songs of them which I dislike even more.
  • What do you think about Checkmate which is released by Smash Into Pieces?
    • It song sounds good, although it could’ve been a bit more active. The difference between the refrain en the couplets are quite small. This song could’ve been better.



  • This month you had the first Classics & Covers. What do you think about the first edition?
    • I think it’s a nice addition and we now have more variation in our posts. I hope that people will like it and that the views will increase.


General Questions

  • Have you bought any new CD’s this month? What do you think about them?
    • I’ve bought three new CD’s.
      • Papa Roach – F.E.A.R.
        • I’ve already said my opinion about this album at the first part. It’s just a great album.
      • Papa Roach – … To Be Loved: The best of Papa Roach
        • I expected a lot, because it’s a Best Of album. Fortunately the cd sounds very good. With songs like Last Resort, Scas and Getting Away With Murder may I say that this is a great album.
      • Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
        • When I bought this album I already knew that this isn’t the best cd from Linkin Park and now I’m completely sure. The album couldn’t surprise me, unfortunately, although I have to say I really like the songs Catalyst and Iridescent.
  • Have you discovered any new bands this month? Which one do you like the most?
    • I haven’t discovered many new bands this month. Justin, one of our other administrators, has found many new bands. His interview will be posted after mine, so stay tuned. I may say that I’ve found a band called We Set Signals, which is worth to take a listen.
  • To which song did you listen the most this month?
    • I haven’t heard one song many times more than others this month, but a song which I listened often was In The End from Linkin Park.
  • Which song is your song of the month?
    • My song of the month is from Papa Roach’ new album and my favourite song of it: Warriors.
  • What do you expect from February?
    • I expect a calm month, because there aren’t many releases. It’s the calm before the storm, because there are some great releases in March and April with Three Days Grace and Halestorm.


The song I listened the most last month: Linkin Park – In The End


Founder of Our Music 4 Life. Pure love for music. Always searching for new, unknown, talented bands. Diehard Rise Against fan. Terrible singer but loves to do it. CD collector. PS: Rise Against is better than Linkin Park.

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