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The second and final part of our 2014 review. It’s a bit late, it’s alreadyFebruary, but it’s still worth to take a look at. In 2014 we’ve had many bands who have released an album. Well known bands like Linkin Park, Rise Against and Nickelback released their albums, but also a not very known band as Starset, who released their first album. Here we’ve made a list with our favourite albums of 2014, in order of release date. Let’s hope 2015 will be as good as last year!

Within Temptation – Hydra (January 31st)

By Timothy

Hydra is the sixth studio album from Within Temptation which was released on January 31st. On November 17th there came a live album of this CD called Let us Burn, which is the first song of the album. On this CD/DVD are two concerts. The first concert is a concert of the Element Tour and the second concert is one from the Hydra Tour.

No. Title Note Length
1. Let us Burn 5:31
2. Dangerous Feat. Howard Jones 4:52
3. And We Run Feat. Xzibit 3:50
4. Paradise (What about us?) Feat. Tarja 5:22
5. Edge of the World 4:55
6. Silver moonlight 5:17
7. Coverd by Roses 4:48
8. Dog Days 4:47
9. Tell me Why 6:12
10. Whole World is Watching Feat. Dave Pirner 4:03
Bonus tracks
1. Radioactive Cover Imagine Dragons 3:15
2. Summertime Sadness Cover Lana Del Ray 4:07
3. Let Her Go Cover Passenger 3:44
4. Dirty Dancer Cover Enrique Iglesias met Usher & Lil Wayne 4:15
5. And We Run Evolution Track 5:41
6. Silver Moonlight Evolution Track 6:05
7. Coverd by Roses Evolution Track 4:43
8. Tell me Why Evolution Track 5:00

I really like this album. The only part I don’t like is that there isn’t a song which I like much more than the others. But the other part of it is that none of the songs on the album is bad. That’s why I had to think about my favourite song of it. Eventually I think that Dangerous is my favourite one.


The Used – Imaginary Enemy (April 1st)

By Justin

Cry was the first single which was released of the new album by The Used, Imaginary Enemy. It has a nice rhythm and it’s a good one to have as single. The second single which was released was Revolution, the album opener. Such an awesome song. It’s in the old style of The Used, so it’s quite hard, but that makes sure that it sounds good.

  1. Revolution
  2. Cry
  3. El-Oh-Vee-Ee
  4. A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression (A Work in Progress)
  5. Generation Throwaway
  6. Make Believe
  7. Evolution
  8. Imaginary Enemy
  9. Kenna Song
  10. Force Without Violence
  11. Overdose

When you hear the album you know The Used is much softer than they were. The previous album Vulnerable was already much softer than they were, but this is even more soft. But that doesn’t mean that it sounds bad. Both singles sound pretty good. Imaginary Enemy and El-Oh-Vee-Ee sound very good. My favourite song, together with Revolution, is Generation Throwaway. The refrain sounds very good. The album is something completely new from The Used, but there are some songs on it which are very good.


Linkin Park – The Hunting Party (June 13th)

By Daniël

The Hunting Party by Linkin Park was released on June 13th. The first single which was released was Guilty All the Same. After that they released Wastelands, Rebellion and Final Masquerade before they eventually released the album. For the first time Linkin Park worked together with other musicians.

  1. Keys to the Kingdom
  2. All for Nothing (met Page Hamilton)
  3. Guilty All the Same (met Rakim)
  4. The Summoning
  5. War
  6. Wastelands
  7. Until it’s gone
  8. Rebellion (met Daron Malakian)
  9. Mark the Graves
  10. Drawbar (met Tom Morello)
  11. Final Masquerade
  12. A Line in the Sand

My favourite song is A Line in the Sand, because Bennington and Shinoda sang pretty awesome here. That’s really beautiful.


Starset – Transmissions (July 8th)

By Justin

The first song I heard from this album, and this band, was My Demons. It was the first single and it just sounds pretty awesome. The couplets not very hard but not very soft as well, the refrains have a lot of energy and sound really good. The second single, Carnivore, sounds very good as well.

  1. First Light
  2. Down with the Fallen
  3. Halo
  4. Carnivore
  5. Telescope
  6. It Has Begun
  7. My Demons
  8. Antigravity
  9. Dark on Me
  10. Let It Die
  11. The Future Is Now
  12. Point of No Return
  13. Rise and Fall
  14. My Demons (Acoustic)

The album starts with an opening music, First Light. After that we immediately have a song with a lot of energy, Down with the Fallen. That energy won’t leave until the end. The music style of this band is electronic rock which sounds pretty awesome. Especially a song like It Has Begun sounds very good. There are two calmer songs, Telescope and Dark on Me, but the vocalist makes sure that these songs have much energy as well. All by all an awesome album.


Rise Against – The Black Market (July 15th)

By Justin

The first single of this album, I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore, got different reactions. There were people who really liked it, but there were also many people who disliked it. As a single it’s much softer than their former music. The second single was Tragedy+Time, which was quite soft as well. Nevertheless many Rise Against fans like this song because the lyrics are very good.

  1. The Great Die-Off
  2. I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore
  3. Tragedy+Time
  4. The Black Market
  5. The Eco-Terrorist in Me
  6. Sudden Life
  7. A Beautiful Indifference
  8. Methadone
  9. Zero Visibility
  10. Awake Too Long
  11. People Live Here
  12. Bridges

The first time I heard this album I didn’t really like it. It was quite soft, which the album is, compared to their previous albums. The Great Die-Off is a great song in my opinion, although there are many people who were disappointed in it, because it wasn’t spectacular enough as album opener. I really liked it. Once again Rise Against made songs with awesome lyrics. Especially A Beautiful Indifference has awesome lyrics, but songs like Zero Visibility, Awake Too Long and Bridges have great ones as well. It’s not the most spectacular album from Rise Against, but the lyrics are just awesome.


Poets of the Fall – Jealous Gods (September 19th)

By Justin

Poets of the Fall is actually a different music style compared to the music on our blog. That’s why I’m the only one of us who actually likes it. Daze was the first single of the album. It’s a different song, but sounds very good and is actually typical Poets of the Fall.

  1. Daze
  2. Jealous Gods
  3. Rumors
  4. Brighter Than The Sun
  5. Love Will Come to You
  6. Rogue
  7. Rebirth
  8. Hounds to Hamartia
  9. Clear Blue Sky
  10. Choice Millionaire
  11. Nothing Stays the Same

Jealous Gods, the song which has the album name, was my favourite one. Brighter Than The Sun is a very good one as well, just like Love Will Come to You. There are also some musical songs on it, like Rogue. Nothing Stays the Same, the last song on the album, is a good one as well. Just like in the past Poets of the Fall has songs with awesome lyrics which are really worth listening to. All by all I like to listen to these songs sometimes. I think they’ve done a pretty good job.


Yellowcard – Lift a Sail (October 7th)

By Justin

Accidently I found this album of Yellowcard. I heard their previous one, Southern Air, but at that moment I didn’t really like it apart from some songs. But my music style has changed, it has grown, and when I saw that they released an album I immediately searched some songs. The first single, One Bedroom, wasn’t very special in my opinion. The second single Make Me So was a song which I immediately liked. It has a nice rhythm and this is just some nice music.

  1. Concovation
  2. Transmission Home
  3. Crash the Gates
  4. Make Me So
  5. One Bedroom
  6. Fragile and Dear
  7. Illuminate
  8. Madrid
  9. The Deepest Well
  10. Life a Sail
  11. MSK
  12. My Mountain
  13. California

Another song which I really like of this album is Transmission Home. Together with Make Me So it’s my favourite song of the album. MSK is a very nice song as well. In this song you hear the violin very good, which I really like. That’s why this band is different to me, because they have a violin, and I really like that. It makes them different and they make good use of it. All by all this is a very good album.


Mallory Knox – Asymmetry (October 27th)

By Justin

In June Mallory Knox released the first single of this album, Ghost in the Mirror. That one sounds pretty good. In October they released the second single of the album, Shout At The Moon. It sounds very good as well, but not as good as the first one.

  1. Ghost in the Mirror
  2. Getaway
  3. Dying to Survive
  4. Shout at the Moon
  5. Fire
  6. When Are We Waking Up?
  7. She Took Him to the Lake
  8. Heart & Desire
  9. Lonely Hours
  10. The Remedy
  11. Dare You

When I heard the album it didn’t sound bad, but I missed a special song. Ghost in the Mirror sounds pretty good, but the other ones weren’t very special. I can’t say I’m disappointed, but I actually hoped for a bit more.


Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways (November 10th)

By Timothy

This is the eighth studio album from Foo Fighters and it was released on November 10th. The eight songs on this album has all been produced in another city. There’s also a series of eight episodes about the history of the eight cities. The special part of this album is that it’s produced in many cities and at every song there’s someone from outside the band who helped creating the song.

No. Title Guest Length
1. “Something from Nothing” (Chicago, IL) Rick Nielsen 4:49
2. “The Feast and the Famine” (Arlington, VA) Pete Stahl & Skeeter Thompson of Scream 3:49
3. “Congregation” (Nashville, TN) Zac Brown 5:12
4. “What Did I Do? / God As My Witness” (Austin, TX) Gary Clark, Jr. 5:44
5. “Outside” (Joshua Tree, CA) Joe Walsh 5:15
6. “In the Clear” (New Orleans, LA) Preservation Hall Jazz Band 4:04
7. “Subterranean” (Seattle, WA) Ben Gibbard 6:08
8. “I Am a River” (New York, NY) Tony Visconti, Kristeen Young 7:09


The album is a bit disappointed in my opinion. Most songs sound okay, but there’s isn’t a special song on it. The best song of the album is the first one, Something from Nothing. The first part of this song is a bit boring, but the second part sounds pretty good.


Nickelback – No Fixed Adress (November 17th)

By Justin

After three years Nickelback released another album. With their first single Edge Of A Revolution they immediately released quite a hard song. I didn’t like it first, but it actually sounds pretty good. Their second single was a ‘radio’ single: What Are You Waiting For?. I did like that one very much, but after a while it became boring. Especially because I heard it so many times. Nevertheless the lyrics of this song are very good.

  1. Million Miles an Hour
  2. Edge of a Revolution
  3. What Are You Waiting For?
  4. She Keeps Me Up
  5. Make Me Believe Again
  6. Satellite
  7. Get ‘Em Up
  8. The Hammer’s Coming Down
  9. Miss You
  10. Got Me Runnin’ Round (feat. Flo Ride)
  11. Sister Sin

Comparing to their previous album this one is very soft. Of course there are some harder songs on it, but not as many as Here and Now had. Million Miles an Hour is a very good opener for an album. Make Me Believe Again and Satellite are very good as well, but The Hammer’s Coming Down is my favourite. The music sounds awesome and that’s why I like it so much. Unfortunately some songs on the album are pretty boring. I have double feelings at it. Some songs sound pretty good, while there are some songs which I don’t really like.


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