Meeting Ideas & Announcement

In this post we’ll tell you two new things. The first one is that we’ve had a meeting about the blog a few weeks ago. There we’ve created some new ideas for our blog. You’ll find them in this post. The second thing is that we announce a new project on our blog. It’s called Classics & Covers, so you now probably have an idea about what it contains.

New ideas after meeting

  • An archive post in the welcome post. Every now and then we’ll put a song from a while ago in the first sticky post as a sort of spotlight.
  • Playlists. We vote for every song in which playlist we’d like to have it. Is it an all time favourite, a good song or a song which we didn’t really like. We’ve made three different playlists for that, and after every review we’ll all vote where we want to put it in.
  • Music database. The page with all the songs we’ve criticized, also known as the music database.
  • CD Database. This one will come soon. We have many cd’s and Timothy thought it’d be nice to create a special page for that.
  • Golden Oldies. Another idea from Timothy. He want to focus a bit more on older songs. With this project he wants to give old songs some attention as well.
  • Concerts. At the moment we haven’t visited many concerts (only Linkin Park and Rise Against), but on this page we want to post videos, photo’s and the playlists.
  • Spotlight. When we’ve found a new band we’d like to give it some attention, so we sometimes want to post a spotlight for a band. The bands you’ll find here will mainly not be very well known so it’s a good chance to find new good bands.



This week we’ll start with a new project, which was an idea of Timothy. It’s called Classics & Covers. We’ll criticize both a classic song and a cover of that song. We’ll compare them and vote which one we like more. The first comparison will be posted within a few days, so stay tuned!


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