Discoveries of 2014

This year we’ve found many new, at least for us new, bands and that has had some influence on our music style. Here are our most important discoveries of 2014. Not all bands are as well-known as some others so we’d say check them out. It’s always nice to discover new bands you like.


All Time Low

By Justin

All Time Low is a very well-known band. The first song of them I heard was A Love Like War. After that I searched for more songs and found Time-Bomb, Weightless, Damned If I Do Ya and I Feel Like Dancing. These are the most popular songs of them. My favourite song is For Baltimore. I really love that one. I’ve bought two albums of them, Dirty Work and Nothing Personal. Their newest album Don’t Panic is still on my list though. That one is already from 2012, so I really hope they’ll release a new album in 2015.



By Justin

Suddenly I got a message in my Facebook chat. It was from a guy I didn’t know, somewhere in England. It was a common message, where he said that he saw that I liked the page of Mallory Knox and he asked to take a look at their music, because their style is comparable to the style of Mallory Knox. At that moment they only released one song, Fade. I listened it for a few times and it was pretty good. After that they released two other songs, Bonds and It’s Time To Grow. They even made a music video for Bonds. Unfortunately it only has around five thousand views, way too less. So I’d say check it out!



By Timothy

When I was listening a playlist on Spotify I found the song I Miss The Misery. I immediately liked it and after that I searched for some more songs of them. A few weeks later I bought one of their albums and that was a good move. I’ve already listened to it a few times and it’s a good album. I’ve found a few bands this year, but most of the time I listen to one of these bands I’m listening to Halestorm. That’s why it’s for me the discovery of the year.


Like Torches

By Justin

After finding Tonight Alive I searched a bit further and I found this band. I listened to it a few times and it doesn’t sound very bad. It actually sounds quite good. Unfortunately they aren’t very popular, but let’s take a listen!


Living In Fiction

By Justin

I actually don’t know anymore how I found this band. The first song they made was a cover of Maroon 5’s Animals. After that they wrote a song by themselves, Castaway, with Pablo Viveros. They currently have five songs and two of them are covers. My favourite song of them is their newest one, White Lion. Or maybe it’s Castaway. I can’t choose. Nevertheless this band is really a band which can make it in the future. Their cover of Animals has already almost half a million views on YouTube. Now their self-written songs need to get more views.


Mallory Knox

By Timothy

This is, after The Used, the second band I got from Justin. I haven’t heard a lot of them, but some songs I’ve heard of them sound really good, especially Wake Up. It’s not my favourite band and I don’t listen it very often, but they have some good songs so it’s for sure one of discoveries of 2014.


Rise Against

By Justin

It probably sounds a bit weird as a diehard fan, but actually I discovered Rise Against this year. I heard some songs of them before, but that’s it. In February I bought one of their albums, Endgame. It was their newest one. I’ve listened to it many times. When I was on vacation I bought another album as well, The Sufferer & The Witness. That was already after they released the album The Black Market. They’re having many good songs. Of course popular songs like Savior, Satellite and Re-Education are very good, but I like many less known songs as well, for example Life Less Frightening, Drones and Whereabouts Unkown. My absolute favourite is Chamber the Cartridge, the first song on the album The Sufferer & The Witness.



By Timothy

This isn’t one of the biggest discoveries of the year, but it’s for sure a good band. I listen some of their songs regularly, but actually that’s it. When they release a new album I’ll for sure check out whether I’ll like it or not and maybe I’ll buy it then. It’s good to know this band, because maybe they’ll create some great songs in the future so this is for sure a discovery as well.


Sick Puppies

By Timothy

For the first time this year I heard some songs from Sick Puppies. One of their most well-known songs is You’re Going Down. It’s by far my favourite song of them. When I searched for more information about this band I found that the lead vocalist went out of the band, which I find unfortunate. I hope that they’ll find a new great vocalist and I’m curious to see how they’ll develop from now on. Their next album will be out in 2015, and I’ll really follow that.



By Justin

I ‘accidently’ found Solence this year as well. Solence makes metal covers of songs. They’ve already made three: Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Immortals by Fall Out Boy and Miracles by Coldplay. Some of the covers sound even better than the original song. Especially Warriors by Imagine Dragons got a lot of views and compliments. It’s been watched around 400.000 times on YouTube already, which isn’t bad. Let’s hope for some more covers, but it would be nice to hear something they’ve created by themselves.



By Justin

I’m member of the community pcmdaily and there we have a game called ‘Rate the band above you’. The title already says what’s the goal of the game. So I was hesitating whether I’d listen to a song from, apparently, Starset, but I did. It was My Demons, their first single, and it sounded awesome. I immediately searched for more songs. They all sound great. This year the band released their first album, although the members already have some experience. For example, the lead vocalist now sings in two bands at the same time. It’s one of my favourite bands at the moment, although I might have heard their songs a bit too much the last few weeks.


Theory of a Deadman

By Timothy

It’s December 30th and I actually wrote my part of the discoveries of 2014 a few days ago, but then I heard the song Bad Girlfriend on Spotify. This song sounds a bit like Nickelback. After I heard it I listened to their newest album and that sounded pretty good. So on almost the last day of the year I found another band I’ll follow.


Tonight Alive

By Justin

When I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I saw that the band Mallory Knox came to the Netherlands. I was interested so I clicked on the link. They were support of another band, Tonight Alive. When I heard their song Lonely Girl I immediately searched for more songs of them. The Edge and Breakdown are quite nice as well, just like The Ocean. I think this is a pretty good band. I don’t listen many music with a woman as lead vocalist, so it’s something different for me as well.


The Used

By Timothy

I found The Used thanks to Justin, one of our other bloggers. The first song I heard from them was Revolution, and I really liked that one. After that I heard some other songs of them, but I didn’t really like that. Justin said that these were newer songs and that their style has become softer since their last two albums, so I’ll listen to some of their older music. Nevertheless I’m still happy I’ve heard about this band so that’s why it’s one of my discoveries of 2014.


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